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What’s new in Amazon version 4.3

New features Multiple features have been added since version 4.2, here is a summary; Tax Management Improved multi-store management Import orders with custom products Gift Messages Automatic product creation when importing orders Tares Deleting PrestaShop 1.3 Compatibility Major functionality Version 4.3 of the module integrates a major feature for merchants with an existing inventory on Amazon but for which products do not exist on PrestaShop; It can import from Amazon the existing product inventory. The module automatically creates the product sheet on PrestaShop, the main image, features and combinations (variations on Amazon). However, the legal aspect of the operation must be considered; You have to make sure that the images you import are your own, Amazon could reserve the right to claim the property The module automatically creates an Amazon category and the subcategories corresponding to the target Amazon category, it also imports the major fields of Amazon; ASIN, Browse node ID, and the items that make up the offer; Quantity, price. If the product exists already on PrestaShop, the module allows to choose the update mode or not, in which case it will update the missing elements of the product sheet.   Combinations (variations) The module imports the variations, so it creates the corresponding combinations on PrestaShop with the attributes as size, color. It imports the EAN codes and offer references. Restrictions The module only imports the main image of the imported product In case of combination, the main product reference becomes the ASIN code Descriptions are not imported (technical and legal restriction) Examples Simple product Here is an example of a product imported from Amazon to PrestaShop with the module, we notice that Amazon attributes have led to the creation of PrestaShop “features”;     Product with combinations     In this case the module created the missing […]