Amazon market place for prestashop v3.5

Amazon Marketplace 3.5

Today we are announcing theversion 3.5 with its long awaited new feature:

The automatic creation of product sheets on Amazon.

For 2 years the major weakness of the module was that it only did the updates and when a new item was not referenced by Amazon, we had to create it manually in the back office of Amazon; SellerCentral.

It now belongs to the past!

The module create in a transparent manner the products in Amazon back-office, whether it is a single item or a product accompanied by variations.

How does it work?

Two new tabs appears on:

Onglets Amazon Marketplace
Profiles and Mapping have been added in order to assign groups of categories in a mask creation which is simple and easy.

If for example you have categories as shown in the demo version of Prestashop, you should create profiles named as iPod Accessories, Laptops etc …

In Amazon, each profile can indicate the nature of the product and its possible Combinations which are also called Variants at Amazon.

Observe a profile:

Profile Configuration

It is very simple. When configuring the module will search in real time for classification elements of products on Amazon and propose a chosen mask in the required entry fields.

These fields are then used by the module to create records.

Once the profile is created, you associate the categories of your choice:

Save and export your products!

What is sent on Amazon?

You select which fields will be sent on Amazon:

– Name of Products

– Description of Products

– Images

– Required fields imposed by Amazon according to the categories.

The names of the products are sent with the elements of variation. For example: “iPod 16GB – Blue.”

The cover image and the other images are sent (send multiple images for a product).

Here is a sample product sent with variations of colors:

Note that the product is sent with selectable colors variations on the same sheet.

Also note that the colors are shown in the language of the user thanks to the mapping of the fields, here the Color:

This configuration is done within few seconds in the module!

How do you know if the products are properly sent on Amazon?

Once the products are sent you will receive a report with a number of products sent and also the errors or the warnings if there is any:

Errors are documented in English and in French by Amazon.

The most common errors are documented in the FAQ module of Amazon.

Other new features have been introduced since version 2.5 but the most significant and awaited new feature was this one. We will come back with the details of the other new features in another article.

Have good sells with Amazon 😉

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