Amazon marketplace for Prestashop v3.9 and FBA features

Amazon Marketplace Version 3.9

Since Version 3.0, the module has included some built-in FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) features.

The currently available Version 3.9 is a forerunner of Version 4 that will, amongst other things, have a clear Amazon FBA orientation.

The module will offer full Amazon FBA support for product synchronization and order import, while also allowing automated management of its FBA stock.


Automatic FBA Switching

The module now enables automatic product switching from AFN to MFN and vice versa.
Clearly, when a product is directed to Amazon, the module immediately determines whether it is in stock, and channels it for offline “Shipment by Merchant” (Merchant Fulfilled Network – MFN) or online “Shipment by Amazon” (Amazon Fulfilled Network – AFN): This is the automatic switching mechanism. And vice versa: If the product is out of stock at Amazon but available in your stock, the module “switches” its Amazon listing available for “Shipment by Merchant”.

Optionally, you can be notified by email of these FBA stock fluctuations, so you will know when Amazon has stored and scanned your sale items.


Multi-Channel FBA Fulfillment

FBA Logistics

Either you are an FBA seller or you are not, but it seems difficult to reconcile the two. Why have duplicate supply channels, when a single one will do? Amazon is not only highly efficient but also offers extremely competitive handling and shipping terms.
And if you have only one supply channel, what happens to orders processed directly through your Prestashop online store?


What is the Multi-Channel or Multi-Site Offer ?

The offer is described on the Amazon website:
The general idea is this:
Although your products are distributed both through Amazon and directly from your online store and other market locations, you concentrate your supply management in the hands of Amazon. When an order is placed in your online store, you make a “manual” order entry in Amazon Seller Central so that Amazon can ship the product to your client.
Amazon Seller Central is known as a multi-site or multi-channel service, because it can support entry of all your orders received through non-Amazon distribution channels.


Multi-Channel FBA Features of the Amazon Marketplace for Prestashop

From now on, this module will automatically perform these tasks for you:
When a customer places an order in your online store – your front office, the module performs real-time verification of the FBA eligibility of the order and, particularly, its availability in Amazon’s stock. If its eligibility is confirmed, the module triggers its direct shipping by Amazon.
In this way, shipping of the incoming order is directly executed without any human intervention!


Integrated Working with Other Market Places

The processing pattern is identical for other market channels, such as eBay, CDiscount, FNAC, PriceMinister, and so on… As soon as an order (prepaid) is imported into your backoffice system, it is automatically shipped by Amazon.
The module’s Multi-Channel FBA functionality is based on Prestashop Hooks (internal Prestashop event). Once a payment is validated and accepted, the module can trigger the shipment via Amazon according to your configuration.
Automatic Processing:

In automatic mode, no human intervention is needed. The order status changes from “paid” to “shipped”, and then to “delivered”.

Command-triggered Manual Processing:

According to your preference, you can select those orders you wish to ship directly and those you wish to refer to Amazon for handling.

Order Processing Channel Selection

A simple configuration enables you to associate the order processing channels shown in your online store with those offered by Amazon.
An accurate configuration will produce correlated scenari such as, for example, a Chronopost shipment delivered Express via Amazon:

Order Tracking

Amazon emails the tracking numbers to the end-user.
The module controller updates the status of the order throughout its lifecycle. It passes in turn from “In Process” to “Delivery in Progress” to “Delivered” according to the statuses configured in the module.


Follow-up in Amazon Seller Central

In Amazon Seller Central, you can view your Multi-Channel orders alongside your Amazon orders. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:



A simple comment identifies the sales channel as non-Amazon (indicating one of your other channels).


So, that summarizes the FBA enhancements,

Wishing you Successful Trading!


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