Amazon Marketplace for Prestashop v3.9 – Messaging – Invoice by Email

New Emailing Feature

Emailing customers is very strictly controlled on Amazon, but it is allowed; the email exchange must pertain to the subject at hand or else you’ll get a warning from Amazon.

Therefore we’ve added a new tab to the module: the Email tab. This lets you send clear, relevant message to the customer.


PDF Billing by Email

As soon as the set order status is reached, the module will automatically send a PDF bill, an optional file and an accompanying message, all in the customer’s language: the language of the original order.
The optional file can be an attachment of your generation terms of sale, for instance.

Email templates are provided by default in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and you can select to personalize them.

Settings are presented as follows:

Invoice by Email

This way, you can increase your Amazon customers’ satisfaction rate, and therefore your Vendor Rating 🙂

The other emailing features will be available in Version 4.

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