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Amazon marketplace for Prestashop v3.9 and FBA features

The currently available Version 3.9 is a forerunner of Version 4 that will, amongst other things, have a clear Amazon FBA orientation.

The module will offer full Amazon FBA support for product synchronization and order import, while also allowing automated management of its FBA stock. This version offers also a full multichannel automation, with the FBA Multichannel support.

Strengthen your Store with Amazon Market Place

Brief description: Synchronize products, stocks, and prices on Amazon Stock updated for your store for sales on Amazon Orders automatically integrated into the Amazon back office. Description: The Amazon Market Place application gives you the chance to put your products on line without any problem. Products : Open an account on Amazon Market Place: Install the Amazon Market Place for Prestashop application Put your products on line in just three clicks Boost your sales potential and distribute your products across the entire Amazon market: France, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Canada, Japan and many more. Take your potential to the next level: an optional application allows your sales prices to be adjusted regularly on Amazon relative to your competitors! Orders: An orders tab in Amazon allows your orders to be integrated directly into your Prestashop back office. You choose: To import your orders manually each day Or to improve your customer satisfaction rating by using scheduled tasks and processing orders as they arrive (count a time lag of around 15 minutes) You Send: there is a tool on the orders page allowing you to tell the customer that their Amazon Market Place order has been dispatched. Technical details: Amazon Market Place for Prestashop is based on the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API (Amazon MWS), and uses Web Service in XML requests. A secure gateway (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer) is set up between your store and the Amazon API. Requirements: Technical: PHP5 hosting or better cURL enabled Products: Your products must have an EAN or UPC code Using a simple formula, you have the chance to create a price increase rule for your products, for example to cushion the effect of the margin collected by Amazon (e.g. +10% on all products or +1 euro on all products)