Jet Marketplace for Prestashop since its launch in 2015, has experienced tremendous growth and its only ambition was to compete with Amazon!

The start-up has found its way very quickly, and then met a swift conclusion since it has been bought more than $ 3 billion by Wal-Mart in August 2016 (source: Bloomberg).

As of October 2015 we had wagered with Prestashop on this climb, Prestashop had retained our bid in the Integration Fund and therefore had financed part of the development of module for Prestashop.

The module was launched earlier this year and has been tested by volunteer customers, here an example of a product sheet created by the module;


The marketplace is recent, it has opted for the latest technology choices; REST API and JSON files which greatly simplify operations; those are simple and fluid.

The module is therefore like the technologies used, an easy way to get started, a quick integration of its catalog, and an easy and fully automated usage.

The module allows the creation of new products in the marketplace with management of variations, continuous update of offers, import of orders, update of statuses (Order statuses, tracking numbers).

Configuration is simple;


The module allows to create products matching all the marketplace and market standards thanks to its advanced model and profile management;


The module is exclusively available on Prestashop Addons;

The module is available only for the United States because it requires having an entity for billing and collection of marketplace payment.

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