New in Amazon version 4 Module

A simple module

This version was ultimately simplified, a minimum number of features are visible for simplicity and maximum efficiency, only the most frequent and used functions are displayed by default.

A new tab allows to customize the module to add features to the application as needed:


There is no need to save the configuration, the selected features are displayed as soon as they are checked.


The module has a particularly well-filled information tab, with the information needed to use, support, and all the advanced diagnostics in case it’s needed; PHP Info, information Dump on the store etc.

Thus, all the information is centralized in a single tab and there is no need to waste time looking for them.

 informations 2


Integrated Help

All the module features known as cases of interrogations have been documented directly within the module, tooltips appear and instantly help you with the designated topic:

tips 1


This online help is available both for the module configuration and for major points that need to be understood for Amazon functioning, for example:


tooltip 2

When the subject matter requires more complete information, the tooltip gives a summary and provides a link to the online documentation page :

tips 2

Simplified Interface

The entire interface has been redesigned, it corresponds to the interface of Prestashop 1.6 with some improvements:

  • The checkboxes and radio buttons are visible, big, spaced, easily accessible

  • The features, even advanced, have been simplified

  • The tooltips are easily identifiable, they are represented by a yellow dotted underscore

  • The fields are classified and indicated as required, recommended

Example, Rounding Configuration:


Example, Price rules:

price rule

Example of required field:


Profiles for product creation

Profile management has been rewritten, simplified, documented and translated (Here below shown in French) ;

profil 1

  • Most common fields have been translated

  • Tooltips have been added to detail the interest or purpose of each field

  • The fields are classified, required, recommended, optional, relevant

  • An example value is shown for the most common fields

Managing versions / variants has been rewritten, all variants are now possible regardless of the data source; attribute, feature, fixed value, mapping etc.

No matter how the product sheet has been structured, all possibilities are covered, this management offers wide possibilities for exports;


Feed enhancement

Amazon attributes

It is now possible to export a fixed or dynamic value for all Amazon attributes, ie all the fields that Amazon can receive in the feed. Thus, it is possible to enhance its feed to cover all the criteria of Amazon faceted navigation, so the chance that the customer finds the product is mechanically increased, consequently, sales too!

Example of key fields for faceted navigation:



Key Features

A new section appeared at the profile level and can automatically fill the product key features;

key features

For the record, the key product features are the 5 rows below the product title:


This configuration allows to export the short description and product features (Prestashop features), of course, key features that it is possible to enter in the module product sheet remain a priority.

International Product Creation

Profile management adopts an Amazon platform picker, a tab by Country, therefore it is now possible to customize the feed independently by marketplace.


This allows in particular:

  • Support universe and type of different products on the marketplace for the same product source

  • Price rules management by platform

  • Automatic key features management by platform

  • Categorization management by platform



The mappings have become semi-automatic, ie if the module identifies a value that corresponds on Prestashop and also on Amazon, the module automatically sets the relationship and there is nothing to enter;


Mappings with constraint are appearing, the mapping becomes easier: the module references all known values at Amazon and offer you a list with an integrated search tool;

mapping 1


However, if a value does not appear in the list, two possibilities are available to you;

1) You have a lot of values to add; You send your file to the support, the file is automatically integrated by the module as the mapping files are on a DropBox public folder, the module automatically imports them.

2) You have to add some values; an entry interface in form of “tags” allows you to add values to the existing mapping;

custom mapping

Product Sheet Extension

The Amazon product sheet extension has been completely rewritten, the extension now uses fully the Prestashop standard, the same interface, it is integrated as a tab:


product sheet ext

 In addition to being more user-friendly, the interface allows you to select the main product but also each combination, so it’s possible to configure independently export parameters for each of them.

Parameters are saved automatically, there’s no need to click a save button (like on the Quantities tab).

Tooltips can also be found on this tab;



Also, the fields found in the previous release, rearranged;

product sheet ext 2

And finally, great novelty in this tab, the ability to edit the product reference and EAN / UPC code for the main product and also for each combination in an auto-saving mode without having to refresh the page;

A pencil appears on the edit box;

edit 1

The field becomes editable;


The modification is saved automatically;


Here in video;



You can now see the reports individually, but above all see the history and as well as reports of previous sessions;




Prestashop Scheduled Tasks

This feature appeared in a recent version of the version 3.9 of the module;

The module interfaces with the Prestashop module, Prestashop Cronjobs and allows the automatic installation of scheduled tasks without technical knowledge, the module automatically fill the Prestashop module with the appropriate parameters.


Canceled Orders

A script also appeared in the list of scheduled tasks. This script periodically checks canceled orders on Amazon and passes these canceled orders to Prestashop, thus avoiding unnecessary commands of manipulation.

Happy sales on Amazon!

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