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New in Amazon version 4.1 Module

The Amazon v4.1 module incorporates a free automatic repricing tool that allows you to be always the most competitive in your offers


Voici donc les nouveautés apparues dans cette nouvelle mouture du module : Module configuration: Account type: This setting allows you to use an account common to all Amazon orders or an independent account for each customer. Management of « Second Hand » items: A “mapping” allows you to link the Amazon field with the Prestashop one: It is possible to add conditions to Prestashop that are closer to the ones used by Amazon. Overwriting of shipping costs: Configuration for overwriting shipping costs. See the “Article record” section for more details on this subject. Multi-shipper management: If you have several shipment methods configured in your Amazon back-office (for instance, Standard and Express), it is possible to configure, through the module, a link between the shipping methods configured on Amazon and the ones used in Prestashop. This way, you will see the associated shipment method within the order record in your back-office. This allows you to obtain better quality information for the invoices generated afterwards. Product Sheet Options for displaying several marketplaces: In order to avoid “invading” the product sheet, marketplaces are found in sub-tabs. You just need to click on + or – to display the menu linked to the marketplace. Once the sub-tab is opened, the following menu appears: When the marketplace has several platforms, like on Amazon, each platform configured in the module is represented under another sub-tab such as “English” and French” below. Shipping costs override : It is now possible to configure shipping costs for each article. Default shipping costs configured on Amazon are thus overwritten by the shipping costs found in the product record. Two extra buttons are available: Propagate: To the store: shipping costs will affect all products in the store. To the category: shipping costs will affect all products in that category. Shipping costs: […]